Applications for Kathrein UFS-910 HDTV Receiver

You must have at least basic knowledge about Linux to install and use these utilities.

Example start script for the UFS-910. If the script /config/ exists it will be called upon booting and the default script /app/ will be skipped. This example shows how to start your own programs upon booting.


Connects to a FritzBox Fon to show incoming calls on the front display of the UFS-910. With installed OSDshell messages will be also shown on the TV screen.

Download full package including executable binary and sources.

Theres is also a small Windows program (German version) to convert phone book files saved with the AVM FritzMonitor application to the fritzmon format.

Download ConvPhone application.


Allows switching off the USB power for each USB port. Switching by command line options, delayed after program start, or at program exit. Initially written to avoid lock-up of the receiver when starting with connected external USB hard drives.

CAUTION: Only for experts!

Download full package with executable binary and sources.


Small and compact FTP server. Ported version of the linux-ftpd from NetKit.

Download binary

Download sources

Remote file installation to UFS-910 via FTP

During development of applications for the UFS-910 I often had to copy the compiled files to the DVB receiver. To simplify copying, I wrote a shell script to perform copying using FTP. This shell script is used by all Makefilese in the install section and is included with all source packages. It requires a running FTP server on the UFS-910 and uses the standard FTP command line client found in all Linux distributions.

Download or view (remove .txt extension after download for usage).

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